Awe Defined
How do you take an awe walk? It’s simple, really. Just take a walk and look for an “awe experience”. Let’s let the experts describe awe for us. Awe is a “distinct and powerful emotion with two defining features. First, awe involves perceptual vastness, which is the sense that one has encountered something immense in size, number, scope, complexity, ability, or social bearing (e.g. fame, authority). Second, awe stimulates a need for accommodation; that is, it alters one's understanding of the world. These features of awe are intertwined, so that events that expand one’s usual frame of reference - such as natural events (e.g. thunderstorms), personal transitions (e.g. childbirth), or unfathomable structures (e.g., the Grand Canyon) - stimulate new mental models.” (Rudd, Vohs, Aaker 2012).