I help women physicians supporting aging parents transform from weary & worried to connected & calm

Where are you on your journey?

Whether you’re just noticing issue with your parent or there are significant changes in your parent’s ability to adapt to aging, I am here to help!

Do you ask, ‘If I’m so smart, why does this seem so hard?’

As doctors, we think we should be able to add just one more thing to our plate – including managing our parent’s aging issues.  And we think we should do this with ease. But, in reality, we feel there’s not enough time in the day, enough bandwidth to handle it all.  And from there we go to a place of shame or doubt or low self-confidence.

There is nothing wrong with you.

When we can’t handle it all (or worse – we handle it all but feel miserable in the process), we think something is wrong with us.

But, there is nothing wrong with you.

It just takes a few things – yes, a tested path developed by a geriatric and palliative care physician helps to handle the aging issues and find resources. But that’s just the start.

The missing piece made all the difference.

And I can teach you what most important piece I’ve learned.  The piece that made all the difference.

The piece that will help you with managing yourself, your reaction to your big life, your big job, your big family PLUS your parents.

Find the path to supporting your parents without losing your job, your relationships, or your mind

No idea where to begin? I’ve got you covered!

Important first steps

Save time and heart-ache by learning the keys to guilt-free support

Supporting your parents can be complicated. Let’s me show you tips and tricks that have worked for me and so many others. We begin with a few important first steps that will have you feeling better by the end of the call.

Latest Strategies

Latest helpful strategies to get to a place of calm while you support those in your life.